Outdoor Home Upgrade Tips from Equifax

Upgraded outdoor spaces have bonus valueAre you looking to redecorate your home in Jacksonville? If so, don’t forget about the outside!

Upgrading your home’s exteriors/your outdoor space can make your home more enjoyable and attractive – especially during warmer months, when we can take full advantage of improvements. If you are looking to sell your home, upgrades to the outdoor space can make your home more attractive to buyers. Cost, and return on investment is of course a major consideration, so do your research, budget carefully and get a plan in place for your work. The real estate pros at the Equifax Finance blog just posted an article, “

Increase Your Home’s Value With These Five Outdoor Upgrades,” in which HGTV design expert Jessica Yonker was interviewed and quoted discussing the value that pools, fire pits, patios, outdoor kitchens, landscaping and new paint can add to your home.

Yonker suggests adding in a little extra cushioning into your budget for taxes, service, labor and materials. She also suggests homeowners take into consideration the length of time that they would be able to enjoy an outdoor project and budget accordingly.

Read the full article on the Equifax Finance blog, where you can also get loads of tips for real estate, taxes, retirement, insurance, credit,

identity protection and more.


Identity Theft Protection form Equifax Gets Better

Identity Theft ProtectionAre you wondering how spam keeps getting through to your accounts? How people are able to find you and your family members online? The new additions to the Equifax Complete suite of identity theft protection products are just for you!

The program now comes with online privacy monitoring. This service seeks the internet for your personal data like full name, age, gender, family members’ names, connections to relatives, and their general contact information, including email addresses and telephone numbers. This is a great way to protect yourself from spam and

preventing identity theft online. It is added to the Equifax Complete process of monitoring credit, keeping an eye on your account, fraud protection, personal assistance in the event of identity theft or fraud and more.

The Complete comes at three levels, giving flexibility for price and protection size, from single user to family. The family plan also includes protection for children, who can be especially vulnerable to identity theft and are ideal targets for thieves since their scores have not been damaged by other means and the theft can do undetected for years.

Visit to learn more about how their personal finance solutions can help you. You can also benefit from expert advice on everything from credit to retirement on the Equifax Finance Blog.

Jacksonville Real Estate News

Don’t Let Your Hunt for a Jacksonville New Home Hurt Your Credit Score

Protect your credit score when seeking best financeWhen looking at Jacksonville new homes, there is no reason to not shop around for home financing, too. There are some tricks that help protect your

credit score when it comes to shopping around, since taking time to explore the weighty concerns of these big financial agreements can look to reporting agencies like you are planning to collect more debt than you could possibly handle. The Equifax Finance Blog helps you avoid this problem with a new article, “

Will Interest Rate Shopping Hurt My Credit Score?

To protect your bottom line and your credit score, it comes down to two primary aspects that you have to keep in mind: timing and consistency. On the timing side, you need to send out all of your feelers for different loans from within a 30 day period. If they are all within this window, credit agencies will see that you are shopping for loans rather than trying to get financing for different properties. This leads into the consistency part, which states that you need to ask for the same loan amount at every opportunity rather than varying it for each potential lender. Keeping the same amount will help to reinforce the fact that you are shopping around rather than ready to over-extend yourself financially.

The Equifax Finance Blog has more great information about how to make your big purchases better and keep your finances safe for yourself and your family with

identity theft protection strategies.