Jacksonville Real Estate Forum is dedicated to promoting Jacksonville real estate news and trends. This blog promotes news of interest to consumers and industry insiders from community grand openings, model homes, amenities and more.

Jacksonville Real Estate Forum is published by Carol M. Flammer and the real estate social media team at Flammer Relations and mRELEVANCE, LLC. mRELEVANCE is a public relations, Internet marketing and social media firm designed to meet client needs in a changing marketplace by building online and off line relationships that are relevant to client success.

In order to comply with recent FTC Rulings, Jacksonville Real Estate Forum discloses the following: This blog was launched as an online extension of public relations coverage for Flammer Relation’s and mRELEVANCE’s clients. The site accepts advertisements and currently has multiple contributors from the Jacksonville real estate industry. The blog also covers industry news via our team of talented reporters. Non-profit news is covered as a community service. Oh, and yes, those are Google ads on the left side of the site.

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