Buying Jacksonville Real Estate on the Offseason

Equifax tips for offseason real estateWith August in the rearview mirror, we are firmly in the “homebuying offseason,” when you may assume that the good deals are gone and quality homes are few and far between – but that couldn’t be further from the truth! With the economy on the way up and the internet making it easier than ever to list and market a home, the offseason isn’t as “off” as it used to be. The Equifax Finance Blog shares tips for finding your next home while shopping in the offseason before the holidays reach full swing in the new article, “

Six Things to Remember When Buying a Home in the Offseason.”

With the rising tide of the economy, there were many wait-and-see sellers who listed later in the summer when signs pointed to it being a good time to sell. As such, there are a lot of quality homes and great deals still around that were missed by early spring homebuyers, and many are still on market even though the homebuyers who have small children have largely exited the homebuying field.  Additionally, sellers who listed later are watching the clock count down to the holiday season – come Thanksgiving, they likely won’t see many buyers until the following spring, so they are more likely to negotiate with buyers still on the market rather than stay on longer and have their listings go stale.

Another big reason to shop during the offseason is that mortgages may be easier to get now than in 2014. The underwriting standards are relaxed some now, so if your credit is a little lower or if you have a higher debt-to-income ratio than ideal, you may be able to get financing or get better financing now than you might have gotten while shopping during peak times.

To learn more about the best ways to go about getting your dream Jacksonville home, explore the full article and the many more on the Equifax Finance Blog about

credit scores, family budgeting, planning for retirement and more!

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