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How to Pay Off Your Debt

With the economy slowly picking back up, more people are spending their money because they are more confident in the economy and their financial choices. For some people, more spending equals more debt. According to a CardHub study, the average American household now holds about $7,126 in credit card debt. If your credit card debt […]

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When it’s Time to Expand: Move On or Add On?

Do you feel like you need more space and are considering either moving up to a bigger house or adding on to your existing home? If you’ve been thinking about your options, the real estate pros at the Equifax Finance blog share some tips for thinking through each scenario, and discuss what to keep in […]

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Times When You Should Think Twice About Swiping Your Credit Card

Swiping your credit card on minor purchases such as filling your car up at the gas station or buying weekly groceries is a great way to help manage your money and build your credit history. In fact, your credit card payment history makes up 35 percent of your credit score. So, using your card to […]