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Tips for Preparing for Retirement from Equifax

Whether or not retirement is on your immediate radar, if it is within a few years for you, it’s no doubt something that’s on your mind. Preparing to leave the workforce, downsizing into a smaller home (maybe finding a home in a Jacksonville active adult community) and budgeting to live off of savings will all […]

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Buying Jacksonville Real Estate on the Offseason

With August in the rearview mirror, we are firmly in the “homebuying offseason,” when you may assume that the good deals are gone and quality homes are few and far between – but that couldn’t be further from the truth! With the economy on the way up and the internet making it easier than ever […]

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Outdoor Home Upgrade Tips from Equifax

Are you looking to redecorate your home in Jacksonville? If so, don’t forget about the outside! Upgrading your home’s exteriors/your outdoor space can make your home more enjoyable and attractive – especially during warmer months, when we can take full advantage of improvements. If you are looking to sell your home, upgrades to the outdoor […]

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Steps for a Smooth Transition into Retirement

How many times have you seen someone “waste” their retirement years and you’ve sworn to yourself that you will not do the same and will make the best out of yours?  Transitioning into retirement, even if you have financial security, can be difficult for people who have worked their entire lives. Retirement is an adjustment […]

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Avoid Common First Time Home Buyer Mistakes

Buying a home for the first time can be overwhelming, but the real estate pros at the Equifax Finance blog have put together some tips for first time buyers to avoid common mistakes in the process in the recent article, “ First-Time Homebuyers: The Four Mistakes You Need to Avoid.” Know Your Credit Score – […]

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Insurance Tips for Renting a Storage Unit

It’s this time of year when many of us move and/or try to get organized. Whether you’re moving for college, a family looking to get settled into a new home before the start of the new school year, or you’re just looking to do some spring cleaning and decluttering, you may be looking at a […]

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Rising Prices, Low Inventory – Buy Before the Storm

Have you noticed something about local real estate? Perhaps something with how prices have risen about five percent over the past year, but there are less and less homes coming onto the market? While this may be due to the traditional shift of winter to spring, where lots of homes jump onto market as homeowners […]

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Identity Theft Protection form Equifax Gets Better

Are you wondering how spam keeps getting through to your accounts? How people are able to find you and your family members online? The new additions to the Equifax Complete suite of identity theft protection products are just for you! The program now comes with online privacy monitoring. This service seeks the internet for your […]

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Resolve to Pay Off Holiday Debt Early

The fun-filled holiday season has come and gone, and while the after-effects of so many great times may be priceless, too much holiday spending may have left your wallet a little lighter than you had hoped this New Year. January tends to bring out the best in people, as thousands resolve to get healthier, stop […]

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The Mysteries of ID Theft Protection and Taxes with Online Shopping

If you missed what you wanted during the holidays, there are still lots of chances to get that item still on your wish list with end of the year online shopping deals. But if you aren’t a big online shopping fan, you might have some questions about the safety and extra costs involved. Thankfully, the […]